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About me


Nice, to have you here. Welcome to my travel universe, chaos of thoughts, photo archive and whatever will be created here.

My name is Angi, I am 32, quit my job in Human Resources and my apartment in Germany and since February 2023 I follow my dreams and travel the world. Where am I going to go next? I don't know yet. I try to define my destinations on the journey. As we all know, the journey is the destination, right? ;) 


„But you need to have a plan“, they said…

After a few challenges and flight changes at the beginning of my travels, my journey started with a Yoga Teacher Training in Bali and continued in Australia to take the last opportunity of starting my Work and Holiday Year - the perfect way of building up my travel budget and at the same time come back to this beautiful country. With a few dollars in my pocket, the journey should then continue across the world. That's the plan and more I really don't want to define. 


Maybe I will meet an Australian surfer, marry and open my own surf hostel with a small café and stay wherever the wind takes us. It could also happen that after one year of traveling, I am tired of this lifestyle and decide to return into a 9 to 5 office job. I really cannot tell where life will take me. However, what's fore sure: I don't like to plan. It restricts and stresses me out. That's why I refuse to make big plans and try to go with the flow


Why "Zu Hause am Meer/ home by the sea"?

Maybe you are wondering why my little universe here is called "home by the sea". Since I have a job and since I am stuck in the "adult life"in Germany, I've always had the feeling that this is not where I belong. I love Cologne. I love that city which at the same time feels like a village. The city that is a bit ugly but with its people, its beer, lots of parks and the carnival at the same time so beautiful. I've always said, that if I stay in Germany, it will be Cologne or Germany. However, two very important things are missing and maybe two of the most important factors in my life: the sun and the sea. "I need to be by the sea", this is a sentence that my family and friends had to listend to many times - even when I just got back from a surf trip. As you see, this dream of a home by the sea has accompanied me already for a long time.

People might think "this lady is just lazy and wants holidays all the time". Haha, yes I would love to be rich and just do whatever I am in the mood for, but I am realistic!! I know that I have to work to survive. But why not working where I am the best version of myself? By the ocean!

It's not a secret that many people who live by the sea are happier, even with a job. They set different priorities and that has for sure consequences on how they enjoy life. Look at people in Spain. Morocco or Indonesia. Their life is minimalistic, they don't have crazy and unhealthy career goals and they enjoy the moment. They are happy with what they have and appreciate the small things in life. Of course, everybody needs to decide for himself what's important. For me personally, there is no value in a expensive car, luxury clothes or a job with a 60 hours week in which you are in the end just a number and don't really create a purpose. 

What does this have to do with my travels? I need to find out what I want from life. Currently I know, what I don't know: working for more than 40 hours in front of a computer to make a huge company richer and richer. I don't want to be stuck in this 9 to 5 life, working my ass off the whole year and waiting for my only 5 weeks of holidays and during the rest of the year I am annoyed and constantly complaining.

I am interested in a lot. Maybe in too many things. Maybe it's a "problem" of my generation. That we have too many options and because of the number of opportunities, we are not able to see the right thing for us. But do we have to have this ONE thing for the rest of our lives? Maybe that's just an old-fashioned way of living that our parens used to do. Maybe it's also okay to do a job for a couple of years and as you change, your life changes, also your occupation can change. Why not. We are free and everyone should be able to live her or his life like they want to. Without being judged from society. 

It's been a while that I carry some business ideas with me: my own little café, a surfs hostel and other things. But is the passion or those dreams big enough to invest a huge amount of money. Maybe I am romanticizing this idea of my own little business. To be honest, I really like the idea of finding new recipes, setting up the concept, but do I really want to be there all the time and sell coffee and food? Maybe I would really hate that. Maybe I would prefer of being flexible and not stuck in one place. Also I love being abroad and explore different places, but maybe at some point I will miss my family and friends. Is my dream of living by the sea big enough to compromise to a life far away from family and friends.

Another thing that really bothers me is that from a financial aspect, all the jobs with an actual purpose, are a disaster. It doesn't matter if its the protection of endangered animals, teaching people in developing AND industrialized countries about sustainability and reusable energies or working against plastic pollution - all these jobs are not paid well, these fields rely a lot on volunteering and involve hard work. Of course that's not attractive for people and if you have to survive and pay the bills for your family and yourself, the majority would choose an occupation that gives you financial stability. 


All these questions, I will try to tackle during my travels. That's why I want to see and try as many lifestyles and jobs as possible. I want to learn from other people and see if there are people who found solutions for all my questions. I want to find out what really makes me happy, what gives me a purpose and how this comes along with my love towards the ocean. 

Maybe my travels confirm some of my ideas and I will end up with a husband, an Australian Shepherd, a cat and a small house full of surfboards somewhere on a beach. Could be. It could also be that I prefer a life with security and a well paid job near my family and friends that gives me the chance of going on holidays. We will see. Oh and if you read this and have any ideas and solutions, let me know!! 


Do you want to know, how my life continues? Me too. I will try my best to keep you updated.

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