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Australia, I am coming for you

Denpasar, Bali, 14th March 2023, 04:11 am: I am sitting at the airport in Denpasar, trying the best not to fall asleep and out of sheer boredom I've just bought a chocolate croissant that costs the equivalent of 6 Euros. Well, at least it tastes good. I'd better enjoy that, who knows when I will be able to afford something like this in Australia...

Shortly after, the plane is ready to take off - and off course I am sitting next to a beautiful Aussie guy. Why is everyone in this country so pretty? I got lost in my thoughts: anticipation, curiosity and a feeling of coming home. I am finally going back to Australia, this time for a whole year. This is now my third trip to Australia (2015, 2017 and now finally in 2023).

When I traveled to Australia on a tourism visa for 3 months in May 2015, I immediately fell in love with this country: nature, Aussies, incredible wildlife... Australia immediately captivated me and I knew that before I turn 30, I'll come back and travel the country with a Work and Holiday Visa (WHV)”.

Unfortunately, I did the math without Covid. Between various lockdowns I turned 30 and panicked that I might have missed my chance to apply for the WHV. But, as if the universe had sent me a message, I saw an instagram advertisement for the WHV in April 2022 and after a short research I found out that you can still apply for the visa INCLUDING 30. You only need to enter the country by 31 at the latest. THAT was my chance!! In the following months everything happened very quickly: I made the decision to quit my job, my flat, sold most of my belongings and applied for the visa. Six months later and with a yoga teacher certificate in my pocket, I am on my way to my hostel in Fremantle, a small suburb of Perth.

And because all of this is not exciting enough, another Highlight is waiting for me: My ex-colleague and friend Jessi, who spent her vacation in Australia, makes a stopover in Fremantle before her flight back home and we spend the afternoon together. So why going home to Germany when you can bring home to Australia?

While strolling through the area, we exchange stories from the past weeks and end the day with burgers, beer and a good sunset before Jessi goes back to Köllefornia and I go back to my hostel. What a beautiful goodbye and start in my favorite country...

Back in the hostel, I meet my roommate Laura, who (how small the world is) comes from near the same village that I grew up in. We vibe straight away as it turns out, we stay in touch throughout our trip.

Completely exhausted, happy and full of anticipation, I fall into bed around 9 pm and look forward to the next few days in the hostel.

Fun fact: the hostel is part of a prison that was built in the 1850s and was in use for around 140 years. Today it is the only UNESCO World Heritage Site in Western Australia and is used as a museum and hostel.

What a feeling!!As if I had never been away. My Aussie adventure can proceed to the next round: hostel life, 6-bed rooms, ridiculous prices, pasta and porridge as the main source of food, dirty hostel kitchens... haha I can already hear mom saying: “don't complain, you chose that life”. YES!! And that's how it should be. The price that I deserve for these “downsides” is wildlife, incredibly nice people and hopefully lots of great experiences and jobs with which I can finance my travels. If I am back home in autumn, you know that plan didn't work out and I used all my savings. But I'm confident that all turns out positive. The next days is just about organizing: applying for jobs, applying for an Australian tax number and opening a bank account. Yes, even in paradise there is a bit of bureaucracy.

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