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The countdown is on

Monkey Mia, Western Australia, Tuesday, 18th July 2023:

The days in Monkey Mia are numbered: 10 days, 8 final shifts and only one more feeding of the dolphins. It feels strange. It's my day off today. I'm sitting in the kitchen, listening to my favorite feel-good playlist, waiting for my banana bread to be ready and reflecting the last few months. I realize that I have settled in really well here over the last 2 months and I feel kind of at home in the little place in the middle of nowhere.

It wasn't always like this: After a brief relocation failure and this leading into a really bad mood in mid-May, I moved back into the living area where I initially lived when I came to Monkey Mia. Background information: There are two different living areas/villages in which the staff lives: one area is a little quieter and the other is more of a “party/drinking” place. After my arrival I was initially accommodated in the quieter village, but I wanted to get to know as many people as possible and thought the party area would be the place to be. So I moved, but then realized relatively quickly: “This is not my world” - different working hours, too much drama, negative energy and the dirtiest communal kitchen you can imagine. That's why there was no doubt of going back to my old hood. And... since I moved back, I've been happy all the time and that's why it's a bit difficult now to pack my things and move on.

Since March 29th I've been hanging out here in the most beautiful "prison" in the world. Our little home in the middle of nowhere, 9 hours north of Perth. Between desert, ocean, dolphins and other crazy animals that I have never seen in my life.

You may be wondering what I do here all day? This lazy lady is on vacation and has a lot of time, so why hasn't she published her travel blog after 5 months? The answer is simply: I have NO TIME!!!

Ultimately, I have a similar life here as in Germany: I work around 40 hours a week and try to balance my job with sport. How and where? In probably the most run-down gym in the world (more like a storage room), between cockroaches and old machines and running on the street in the middle of nowhere, next to dead kangaroos, but with a view of the sea. Haha, but better than nothing, right?

In the evening we cook together, laugh and complain about everyday worries. And in most cases, every complaining is followed by the realization of how happy we can be to have landed in this beautiful part of the world... I have gradually built up a daily routine for myself and celebrate the little things. Little things that gave me joy even before my big trip: beach, sunsets, my sports routine, baking, trying out new recipes, SUP or kayaking. Oh and of course volunteering at the Monkey Mia Dolphin Experience. I have implemented all of this little by little into my Monkey Mia life and leaving now feels weird. It's always like this right? You have to leave, when life is at its best...

Of course, sometimes it annoys me not having a supermarket around the corner and being stuck in the middle of nowhere without a car, but you find a solution for everything and make arrangements. There are also incredibly great people that I was able to get to know here. Our small neighborhood consisting of housekeeping, reception and shop colleagues has grown together into a small family and makes this little place in the middle of nowhere something special.

And because that's not enough, we have the sea and the most incredible sunsets on our doorstep. Oh, and there's more: dolphins, emus, kangaroos, turtles, pelicans, echidnas, rays and sharks... and no, even after almost 5 months, I still haven't gotten enough of them. Therefore, for the last few days it's time to soak up whatever I can to leave this place with all these beautiful memories.

Today it's time for another beach day. Two of my reception colleagues and I will rent stand-up paddle boards, pack beer and snacks and enjoy our day off on the beach.

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